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Have you ever wondered why language classes can be such a bore? Even if for one reason or another you are personally motivated to learn, after a while it feels tiring to do the same excersises all over again and memorize vocabulary and phrases that you use nowhere but in the class itself. Why would that be?

The answer is very simple: human beings are not made to learn that way. Classes are designed to fit a specific educational scheme that is many, many years old. But people naturally learn to speak, in their mother langauges, in a ver different way. No teachers, no excersises. Try to think about how you learnt to speak your first language. You just did.

When you were born, your were immerse in a world of people talking to each other. You listened and learnt at your own pace, day and night, all the time. You mastered your own language in a little few years and nobody ever asked you to fill in the brackets. Because that's how the human brain works.


We are different from other English learning schemes because we follow the phylosophy of naturality. Natural learning means living in an English-speaking world. And what is best for that than the cradle of English itself, the United Kingdom!

Come over and learn English!

Forget about the classroom: life will be your classroom! With us, you will have modern and engaging English classes, but you will also be learning every second of your day and night! You will be immersed in a real environment, where people will be speaking en English 24/7. Think about all the study hours it replaces! You will share meals and trips with native teachers. Even more! We offer special destinations for our courses, away from the big metropolis like London, which are crowded with tourists from all the world. This will be actual, 100% English speaking and listening. This is how you learn a language.


Choose your level appropiate course and give it a go!


It does not matter how much or how little English you know. There is always a place for you at Bithbeo! We offer courses ranging from beginners to proficiency levels. You will find classes and level appropriate groups for you. Just tell us what your experience with the English language, and whether you have taken any international exam. We will immediately get you in touch with the perfect course. 


 Improve your vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation, increase your fluence and become an all around proficient English speaker in no time! By living with our native teachers and sharing activities that will get you surounded by the British culture, you will embrace all that the United Kingdom means, and you will find yourself walking free in any English town or city as if it was your own. Open up your possibilities, meet new amazing people, and learn English today! Contact us to make the first step towards an adventure of learning!


Our students from all around the world.

"It feels amazing to finally be fluent in English. I feel so empowered now, like nothing is impossible. I can't wait to get started with my new projects! Bithbeo made it possible!"
By By Jorge Soriano

"Perfecting my English had been a pending assignment for too long for me. I took the chance when I went to the United Kingdom for family business. I did it with Bithbeo and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn fast and effectively, just as I did."
By Natja Chavinski

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